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Sethi Infrastructure - Meisters for Fuminn
Fumin Coating™ is an environmentally-friendly product from Japan to prevent solar heat and harmful UV. The Fumin Coating™ technology works on the bases of reducing the heat absorb into the building through the glass surfaces while maintaining low reflectivity and high visible light transmittance. The technology would help our buildings (new or existing) to improve energy efficiency, take advantage of natural day lighting and reduce the consumption of energy.
Hardware Carelinks Pvt Ltd.
IT Peripherals (HCL)
Hardware Care Links is the leading reseller in India of new and refurbished networking technology solutions for business, government and education. Hardware carelinks is the principal source of technology products and services from leading manufacturers such as Compaq, HP, IBM, HCL, & TVSE.
Hardware Care Links has become the preferred technology partner for competitively priced IT network products and tailored IT solutions Many organizations, from small and large enterprises, service providers and government entities, have turned to hardware Care Links for their high-quality, reliable networking equipment. Customers receive a great value on like- new equipment backed with an industry-leading one-year return to base warranty and on site support from qualified technicians. Hardware Care Links also prides itself for supplying high value on-site services to all customers.
Services of Hardware Carelinks
1. Sales & Servicing of Computers, Peripherals & UPS
2. Networking & Internet Technologies
3. Annual Services.
It's pleasure to introduce you to SMARTi Solutions - A Micro-nutrient Organic Liquid Solution that has multifold benefits for the Agriculture and Aquaculture. This is a BioTechnology oriented balanced solution as Natural Supplement to plants, providing enhancement in yield, taste and quality. Building the capacity to sustain adverse environment impact, creating the natural inborn immunity of plant thereby reducing the impact due to pest attack, minimize use of pesticides / insecticides, reducing the requirements of fertilizers as well. Providing the overall commercial viability of the Organic Cultivation much higher compared to today's practices.
SMARTi Agro - Organic Micronutrient for Yield Enhancement and Soil Conditioning
Being used for the sensitive & medicinal plants such as KALMEGH-A Herbs, Coffee, Apricot, Banana & other Horticulture/Fruit plants. In general usage of SMARTi to any crops provides a healthy returns alongside many other positive impacts. In short, it long run, you will revolutionize agriculture the SMARTi way compared to today. Major benefits includes - Soil conditioning thereby reversing the trend of soil degradation caused due to heavy dosage of cheap chemical fertilizers. Organic Qualities of Food are visible in taste and quality. More no of Buds /flowers /grains, Strong Roots & Stem, Thick and healthy leaves are seen within few weeks of SMARTi Applications to the plants.
So far, there wasn’t a right alternative with the right cost so ORGANIC cultivation was far & few, but not anymore, you have SMARTi for your help to ensure mass crops grown organically.
With adequate Dissolved Silicon that can be consumed easily by the plants as in the digested liquid form. With SMARTi applications of 3 years, we ascertain that you gain back the soil condition as it was before long time ago, Very Pure! Very natural.!!
With SMARTi Mission and Objective to deliver the benefits to farmers and consumers in INDIA, we have chosen to undertake this journey of propagating Agriculture With Technology & Passion. and look forward to your support to make this happen. By using SMARTi and explaining your friends & relatives of the benefits that you get.
SMARTi Mission :
Harness the available resources with farmers to maximize the possibilities - increase the per unit production from farmland and identify the strategies for sustainable and eco-friendly practices for farming to enhance profitability and welfare of the farming community. Thus in essence provide an end-to-end community of practice from sowing to monetization. Provide the SMART i - Information at the fingertips of farmers through the supply chain of Inputs Side, Output Side and Cultivation Practices.
SMARTi Objectives :
  • To bring the SMART INFORMAION for next phase of revolution in Organic Cultivation.
  • Easy access to latest technologies, process and methods to the farmers in India.
  • Facilitate the soil-conditioning making it ready for organic farming
  • Enrich the qualities and properties of FOOD through the farm produce – essential for healthy life.
  • Reduction or none chemical based pesticides and fertilizers,
  • Ensure all around growth from roots to fruits by improving plant immunization.
SMARTi Community of Practices - COP :
To SMARTi as a company building the community of Practices for the farmers and make it available to the grass root level farmers who are generally devoid of information and critical education, training needs, knowledge of Market place, Leveraging the technology and reach thus making them to be part of the overall supply chain to leverage the benefits available in the todays’ connected world.
Enabling the individual farmers through this initiative to be able to actively participate and realize the above mission and objective of SMARTi is the ultimate goal of SMARTi company.
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Office: +91 80 4117 1000